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<3 I love you


Im Chelsea, Im 15. I live in sarasota florida but Im soon moving to marion, south carolina. Im a very nice person when you get to know me, when you first meet me Im really shy.I have 3 best friends I couldnt live without. Kathryn marie bartell,Morgan leigh schwab and Taylor marie abbott. And I have a brother who I love dearly who is sadly staying in sarasota when I move. I also have 2 cats who I love very much. Cearser who was born on my front porch 10 years ago (ew lol) and Sassy who I got a little over a year ago from my friend morgan.when I get older I want to become a egyptologyst. I am fasanated with egypt!! I love playing pool and darts, I spend my spair time in bars =] and I guess thats about it.

I've had my journal for a while. I rarley update and when I finally do, its not that exciting. So im not expecting any comments or anything I just enjoy writing once in a while. So read if you want and if you dont, im not complaining.


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